The Rumours Are True: Cadbury Confirms Discontinued Favourite Is Coming Back

Wish your tastebuds a happy Valentine's Day, because Cadbury have confirmed the return of their marble dairy milk chocolate after eight long years.

And you can thank your fellow hardworking Australians for the news.

For years now, Cadbury have been under immense pressure to bring back the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble chocolate.

The iconic choccie is a harmonious blend of Dairy Milk chocolate and Dream white chocolate mixed with hazelnut praline.

It's delicious, and its discontinuation left a void in the country's collective conscience. But the tides are turning.

Social media went into meltdown earlier this week when the leader of the all-powerful Facebook group, Bring Back Cadbury Marble, posted a seflie with what appeared to be a brand spankin' new block of the beloved chocolate.

The comment section was equal parts hopeful and skeptical, with many warning that they will chuck the mother of all tantrums if the image turns out to be a hoax.

"If I’m being lead on, I will be irate mate!!!!," said one commenter.

"Don’t play with my heart. I have turned to Aldi Hazelnut to fill the void," said another.

Okay I lost my breath and I swear to dairy milk if this is a piss take flames will come out of my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hysteria -- while intense -- is warranted given that this Facebook group has been working tirelessly for many years now to see the discontinued product reappear on Australian supermarket shelves.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble choccie left our lives eight years ago. But thanks to the almighty force of social media, the Aussie chocolatiers have today officially announced its rightful return. 

What a time to be alive.

Image: Cadbury/Getty

According to Cadbury's official statement, "our chocolate makers are working hard to get Marble back on shelves in the next couple of months."

Sadly, this means you can't wrap your lips around it right now. But it does suggest it could be available in time for winter -- also known as 'maximum chocolate consumption season'.

The long-awaited return of the chocolate demonstrates one key truth about the Australian spirit -- when we band together, we can achieve anything.

Featured Image: Facebook