JoJo Siwa Took Us On A Tour Of Her Bedroom And We Don't Know How She Sleeps At Night

Returning home to her mansion after her Australian tour, JoJo Siwa has now offered fans a look inside her new and approved bedroom.

The child entertainer/capitalist machine has done it again.

Earlier this year, the internet superstar launched a YouTube room tour series where she walks fans inside her new Californian mansion.

The 16-year-old, who is reportedly worth a cool AUD$17.5 million, recently moved into the lavish estate with her family. To celebrate, she uploaded a two-part video in January, giving us our earliest glimpse of her unfinished home.



JoJo Siwa Took Us On A Tour Of Her New Mansion And Oh Boy, It's Not Good

Ahead of her Australian tour, JoJo Siwa walked fans through her enormous California mansion, complete with a Lego mural and a room dedicated entirely to her own merchandise.

Now that her highly-anticipated Australian tour has wrapped up, she's put her interior designer cap on once again. And this time, she's showing off her bedroom so complete, it's too complete (if you know what I mean).

As the reigning Princess of Excess, JoJo's bedroom tour is one mighty assault on the senses. The large room is swamped in fluorescent colours, her signature hair bows, and 1,800 kilograms of candy, literally.

"My new bedroom has over 4,000 pounds of candy in it," she said.

After taking the opening two minutes of the video to flog her Target merchandise to toddlers, JoJo opens the double doors to her lolly-soaked bedroom.

"Welcome to Sweet Land," she chants dressed as Willy Wonka, or perhaps it's Waluigi?

Image: Nintendo/ YouTube /'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

What lies ahead is a room so unique, and so over-stimulating, we truly wonder if she has trouble sleeping at night.

"The walls are painted to look like an illusion... I feel like I can just dive into it," she said.

We then turn to her bed, and what a bed it is.

Image: YouTube

"You can see this is all real candy in here," she said, gesturing towards the lolly-filled pipes that make up her bed-frame.

Her vanity is decorated to look like it is made entirely out of sprinkles. And when she opens up its top drawer, JoJo reveals a loose pile of sprinkles sitting in there at all times.

Image: YouTube

Money might not buy happiness, but it seems to buy the uncanny ability to keep ants away.

The 'Dance Moms' alum then takes us into her walk-in wardrobe, where she flaunts her impressive collection of self-branded clothing. And yes, don't fret, you too can buy this merchandise. She really needs you to know that.

Her bathroom drawers are brimming with colourful hair accessories and dolls made in her likeness. When I was 16, I had acne cream and sanitary pads in my bathroom. But each to their own, I guess.



The Experience That Turned My Seven Year Old Off JoJo Siwa For Good

A miracle has occurred. A giant, bright coloured, sparkly miracle.

JoJo Siwa is a celebrity like we've never seen before. And her large and loyal fan base are quick to soak up every detail they can about the musician and YouTube personality's home life.

Legend has it, if you close your eyes and concentrate, you can hear the sound of thousands of six-year-olds begging their mothers for their own candy-covered bedrooms.

And if you listen even harder, you can then hear one collective "no".

Featured Image: Instagram