This Mum Threw Her Aldi-Obsessed 4-Year-Old A Themed Birthday Party And The Pics Are Adorable

Most four-year-old girls want a 'Frozen' themed birthday party -- but little Saylor and her mum had other ideas.

American mum Meaghan Singleton threw her daughter an Aldi-themed birthday, and it is certainly the most unconventional party we've ever seen.

Little Saylor is apparently obsessed with the German supermarket giant, so her thoughtful mum went to great lengths to pull off a kid's party to remember.

Complete with coin cookies, a cardboard cash register, and that uncanny shade of Aldi orange -- the DIY display has got it all.

Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography
Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography

Meaghan took to the Facebook page ALDI Aisle of Shame Community to share the hilariously adorable photos from the event.

The post has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, many congratulating the creative mum on her decorating skills.

Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography
Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography

We simply must take a moment to appreciate the attention to detail. Saylor wore a dress fashioned out of an employee uniform polo shirt, complete with an embroidered logo.

The table was wrapped in black vinyl to mimic a conveyor belt. The biscuits were iced to look like the small coins you place inside the shopping trolley.



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Wedged between the cupcakes were 'Aldifinds' price tags. And photos of Saylor were cleverly pasted on 'sale' signs and hung around the backyard.

Heck, we'd even bet that all the food was tossed across the room and dropped on the floor at some point, perfectly replicating what happens at every Aldi checkout.

Meaghan even treated her little daughter to a photoshoot at her happy place -- the aisles of Aldi.

Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography

The photos are heartwarming and Saylor looks absolutely stoked with her lovely mum's handiwork.

The only thing more special than a special buy? That would be the bond between this mother and daughter.

Feature Image: Facebook/Webb Trio Photography