'Masterchef' Winner Adam Liaw's Latest Sausage Sizzle Hack Is Going Viral

Chef Adam Liaw blew our minds back in December with his genius sliced bread trick -- now, he's blessed our bread all over again.

The 'Masterchef' winner has sent Twitter spiraling after unveiling his simple but brilliant method to take the humble sausage sizzle to the next level.

Liaw walked his 88,000 Twitter followers through the technique behind "the Golden Cheese Sausage Sandwich" -- and it looks deliciously doable. All it takes is white bread, cheese, and a non-stick pan you can trust with your life.

Simply place a slice of tasty cheese on a pan or barbecue and wait for it to start to bubble. Then lay a slice of unbuttered, untoasted white bread directly on top of it.

Liaw then peels off the bread, and abracadabra, the cheese comes off with it. Perfectly bound together in holy, cheesy matrimony.

Just add your sausage, onion and barbecue sauce and you've got yourself a scrumptious sausage sizzle with a gooey surprise.

"You can also use this method to make cheese on toast," he added.

The tweet's replies section is absolutely glowing. Many are calling the man a "genius," others "Australian of the Year."

"Not all heroes wear capes," someone quipped.

But there was one tweet however that proved that no matter how simple the method or the ingredients, a hopeless cook is a hopeless cook.

The hilarious and relatable reply did make me wonder what kind of witchcraft or rocket science it takes to pull flat melted cheese off a pan without anything left behind. But whatever it is, Adam Liaw has it down pat.

The golden cheese trick is only the most recent in what we hope will become a long, detailed series of sausage sizzle hacks.

In December, Liaw encouraged us to slice bread long ways for the ultimate bread-to-sausage ratio.

The food aficionado asks bakeries to slice his bread length ways in order to blanket all of the sausage, and avoid the onion and sauce drooping off the edges.

It was a bold innovation and had the internet divided, but you have to give the man credit for his unconventional take on an Aussie staple.

So grab your cheese and get slicing because Adam Liaw has tonight's easy dinner sorted.

Featured Image: Twitter