The '90s Lunchbox Snacks We Wish Were Acceptable To Take To Work As Adults

On World Nutella Day, we're reminiscing over all the nostalgic, sugary treats our childhood selves were obsessed with.

Look into any adult's desk drawer and you'll likely find a sorry sight.

Perhaps you'll spot some low-cal muesli bars, a Vita-Weat or two, and a bruised apple that's been there since last Tuesday.

Our relentless quest for keeping our health up and our food bill down sure has really taken the fun out of lunchtime snacking.



Kids Only Just Went Back And A Parent Is Already Being Lunchbox Shamed

It seems now with school back, these simple devices used to contain children’s school lunches are back at the top of the agenda for discussion… and abuse.

That's why we're praying to the food lords above that one day, just one day, we can scoff a fruit roll-up in the break room and have no one bat an eyelid.

These are the snacks we loved as kids that are still available today:

Image: Woolworths

Mini Nutella Packets

Today marks World Nutella Day, and that's all the cause for celebration we need. The spreadable snacks are a delicious way to satisfy your midday chocolate cravings.

If your co-worker is giving you judgmental side eye, smother it on some fruit. Because that's healthy, right?

Image: Coles


Right now on the other side of the world, Americans are losing it over the return of their favourite hazelnut-coated marsupials, causing us down in Aus to ask when we will be seeing Dunkaroos hit our shelves again.

Well, apparently they never left... Yep, that's news to us too. Dunkaroos are still available in Australia, so it's time to embrace them once again.

Image: Woolworths

J.j Chips

As a child, nothing said 'gourmet' like a chip so coated in powdered flavour, your fingers would smell weird for hours. As an adult, this sounds horrifying. Especially if you're at a keyboard all day.

The '90s vs now. Image: Pinterest/Uncle Tobys

Roll Ups

Did you know that if you say 'roll ups' three times in front of a mirror, a dentist appears to slap you?

While Uncle Toby's Roll Ups remain available to this day, they do look a little different to our teeth-breaking fluorescent lollies of yesteryear.

Image: Padstow Food Service

Pizza Roundas

Pizza roundas are more difficult to come by these days, but you can order them in bulk to stock up your own personal canteen.

If you're clever enough about it, you can trick your colleagues into thinking that your pizza rounda is actually a Lebanese bread pressed sandwich with tomato chutney.

Image: Facebook

Life Saver Fruit Tingles

Were they a lolly? Were they a breath mint? Who knows. But they do fit perfectly in your work bag.

Image: Amazon/Woolworths

Mamee Noodles

There's something particularly young and free about eating a slab of hard, uncooked two minute noodles like it were a single slice bread.

Even now, as adults with more access to boiling water, there remains a strong appeal for chowing down on salty hard snacks.

Featured Image: 'Friends'/Woolworths