Chrissy Teigen Hired A 'Cleanfluencer' To Fix Her Pantry -- Here's The Before And After

Chrissy Teigen has shared the ultimate shelfie, showing off every little thing the celebrity cook keeps inside her enormous pantries.

Celebrities sure do love their pantries, and are eager to have us step inside.

Kim Kardashian West had the internet bewildered last month when she posted one of the more perplexing pantry tours, revealing that she has multiple walk-in rooms full of glass bowls of oats.

Oh, and fridge totally dedicated to milk.



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Unlike Kim's near-empty rooms, one celebrity pantry tour we knew wouldn't disappoint is Ms Chrissy Teigen's. And boy has she delivered.

The model mum's affinity for food is well documented. Plus, she often opens up about the trials and tribulations of parenting small children.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

So to step inside her pantry and see how she balances it all? That's precisely what we've been waiting for.

Chrissy shared a #shelfie to her 27.9 million Instagram followers, calling it an "organisational orgasm" in the caption.

The photos flaunt her stacks upon stacks of condiments and packets, all neatly presented in draws, jars and shelf separators. Every item sits perfectly in its place and can be easily sifted through for maximum convenience.

Image: Instagram

All and all, it's glorious. And the woman behind it is Ría Safford.

Ría is a 'cleanfluencer' -- aka, a home organiser to the stars whose job it is to rummage through cupboards and pantries and whip them into shape.

She transformed Chrissy and John Legend's pantry from a relatable mess, to a neat freak's nirvana.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Ria shared a number of before and after pics of the project to her own Instagram story, including a detailed look at their collection of vitamins and oils -- the kind of up-close-and-personal stuff the voyeurs inside all of us want to see.

All your basic food staples are in there. As are about nine different kinds of hot sauce to remind us that they are, in fact, celebrities and they love their excess.



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Despite their millions of dollars and Instagram followers, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are food-loving parents trying to keep on top of their mess. And hiring a professional organiser to overhaul their pantry is a celebrity solution to an everyday problem.

Admit it, if we had their money, wouldn't we all hire a pro to take care of our chores for us? It's very likely.

Featured Image: Getty/Instagram