These Substitute Fails Are The Reason We're Giving Up On Online Grocery Shopping

Doing your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own couch may sound amazing, but there is a little catch.

If you fancy yourself a traditional brick and mortar shopper, you're probably missing out on a lot of convenience. But more than that, you're also going without weird surprises in the mail.

When you shop online at stores major supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles, you can select a substitute option. This means that if your desired item isn't in stock, they will replace it with something similar. Or at least that's what we're told...

Shoppers have taken to the Mums Who Budget & Save Facebook group to share all the utterly ridiculous items supermarkets have sent them in their home deliveries when they're run out of stock of a particular item.

It all began when one group member posted a screenshot of her last order, where the supermarket gods decided that peanut butter and a glue stick were totally interchangeable items.

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The post garnered more than 3,000 likes and the comment section quickly becoming a hilarious collection of substitution fails.

"I ordered nappies size two. Received 12 capsicums," wrote one mum in what has to be one of the most bizarre substitution out there.

"I ordered toddler size nappies... Got substituted for newborn," another parents who topped the last one added.



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"I ordered pistachio nuts and got toilet spray," wrote a third.

Sometimes it looks like the supermarkets are snarkily dropping hints about how we should all be living our lives.

"I ordered grated cheese and was subbed a block of cheese and a grater I was like rude! how dare you tell me to grate it myself," read one of the top comments.

"I got cos lettuce instead of cream," wrote a commenter.

Quantity fails are another big problem.

"I once ordered six oranges but instead I ordered six of the one kilogram bags. So I had to go back to Coles to return five kilograms of oranges. It was embarrassing and heavy," recalled a very inconvenienced group member.



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"Thought I ordered six flat mushrooms. Ordered six kilos," wrote another.

If you have special dietary requirements, you might want to be extra careful when doing your groceries from home.

"I’ve had my daughters vegan/vegetarian meal substituted with a real meat meal," one mum commented, complete with a very fitting face-palm emoji.

A girl I went to school with is anaphylactic to nuts like myself and she once ordered sunflower butter from Coles online but got peanut butter instead.

And it's not just the supermarkets sending out dodgy deliveries, one woman said that after shopping for an expensive designer purse, she was instead sent a pair of toy glasses.

It doesn't get much worse than that.

We're constantly told that online shopping is the future. But if one things for sure, it's that human error knows how to nestle its way into every situation.

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