Addicted To Indoor Plants? Here's The Next Trend To Hit Your Home In 2020

If you thought your indoor plant addiction was already getting out of hand, just wait and see what's in store.

The indoor plant trend has gone wild over the last few years, especially among those who live in apartments or homes with minimal outdoor space.

Indoor plants not only serve to purify the air, they're also quite the fashion statement.

From interior designers to the strapped for cash millennial -- plenty of green-thumbed folk are opting for plants that add a little je ne sais quoi to their homes.



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Gone are the days of bookshelf succulents or itty bitty cacti on the windowsill, the latest trend reports are predicting that our little friends are about to get ginormous.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society’s 2020 gardening trends report, bigger is better. House plants are set to become hero pieces, as opposed to little dashes of green here or there.

"Buyers will increasingly seek larger, show-stopping varieties," said the report.

Always felt like that blank corner needed an armchair or a side table? Why not try a monstera deliciosa instead?

Concerned you can't keep a living, breathing creature alive? Rubber plants are not only visually striking with their thick leaves and deep colour, they're also very sturdy and require minimal water.

If you really want to get on board with the trend, opt for plants that are around a metre high. Most nurseries are stocked with tall and full plants that don't cost a bomb, like golden palms.

Stack up our large plants to really make a statement. Image: Supplied

If you're interested in more Insta-worthy varieties with large, round leaves (like the coveted fiddle leaf fig), be prepared to cough up the cash. Tall indoor plants sadly don't always come cheap.

Alternatively, you can start small and wait patiently for your plant to grow. Make sure you're giving it the correct amount of water and light, and transfer it to a larger pot the moment you realise its roots are pushing through the surface of the soil or the drainage holes in the bottom.

In 2019, plants were a great way to add a bit of colour to a space. In 2020, they're now the hottest interior design trend.

It's fair to say that if we keep following this leafy path, by 2021 our plants will be full-blown members of our families.

Featured Image: Instagram