We Were Today Years Old When We Found The Right Way To Use Cling Wrap

With most kids going back to school today, it's safe to say most parents have been wrapping a sandwich or two for the lunchbox.

Which is why a post shared by Jo Perry in the Aldi Mums Facebook group is leaving us questioning everything we thought we knew about cling wrap... and just life in general.

Jo shared a photo of a regular roll of cling wrap to the group, but noted she had only just discovered the presence of two little tabs on either side of the box.

"45 years old and only just noticed the little tabs that push in at the ends to secure the roll inside," she wrote.

Image: Facebook

"Life changing!!"

And while this might sound like common knowledge, hundreds of fans of the page expressed their disbelief in the comments section.

So clearly most of us have just been suffering in silence, struggling against the roll of cling wrap as we try to cut it on the edge of the box.

Since the time of posting, Jo's observation has gained over 1,700 reactions and over 400 comments.



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"Um no. My mind has officially been blown," wrote one.

"I learnt something today," added another.

Thank you for the life hack, never knew this and have been buying this for many years.

Many others however were in shock that they had never noticed this before and had been cutting their cling wrap the hard way their entire lives.

"I feel stupid," joked one.

"Off to go check my roll," suggested another.

Please excuse us while we go to the supermarket to check all of the rolls on the shelves for ourselves...

Featured image: Facebook