Home Cooks Praise Cheap Kitchen Utensil That Solves Common Problem

There's nothing quite as annoying as discovering the recipe you're making calls for a teaspoon of this or a tablespoon of that.

Using a regular spoon means you're going to end up with the ingredient all over the bench and by the time you find the proper measuring spoons, you're probably going to burn something.

If you do happen to find the set, it's still a punish to wash them all when you only used one of them.

But measuring spoons are one of life's necessary evils (we're looking at you, phone alarm) if you're cooking dinner or trying not to much up the measurements of a cake you're baking.



Mums Are Going Nuts For A DIY Contraption That Solves An Annoying Laundry Dilemma

After hearing about a washing contraption in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, many mums are converted.

Or are they? Enter the new Kmart measuring cup: except it's not just any measuring cup.

It's looks just like a shot glass but has measurements listed on the side for teaspoons, tablespoons and millilitres and ounces.

The best part is the clever utensil only costs $1.50. So time to pass those annoying measuring spoons onto someone else and grab one of these instead.

Image: Kmart

Shoppers have already been snapping them up on mass and singing the shot glass cross measuring cup praises on social media.

"I got one for my chef’s kit. My teacher told everyone to go and get one!" a professional cook commented.

"I bought one yesterday. Fantastic. What a great idea," wrote another commenter. 

"Love mine. Best investment," added a third.

We're sold.

Featured image: Facebook