What Woolworths Are Doing With The Overripe Bananas They Can't Sell

The supermarket giant is taking a leaf out of your nan's cookbook in an effort to reduce food waste. 

Woolworths have announced that they will be turning old, overripe bananas from the produce section that are unable to be sold into loaves of banana bread.

The sweet treats will be baked fresh in-store to both delight our tastebuds, and divert unsold fruit from potential landfill.

When it comes to scoffing down delicious baked goodies, we hardly need much convincing.

But better yet, 50 cents from every loaf sold will be donated to OzHarvest -- a food rescue charity out to minimise waste and deliver food to those who need it most.

Expect to see banana bread on shelves across the country. Image: Supplied

The loaves will come in two flavours -- original, and Cadbury Chocolate Chip. They're available across the country from today, and will knock customers back $4 per loaf.

The banana bread initiative is all part of the 'circular economy' - the notion that resources should be used and re-purposed in one regenerative cycle, rather than disposed of.

Proceeds will be going towards OzHarvest. Image: Supplied

In the midst of Australia's devastating drought and bushfire crisis, supermarkets are thinking up new and creative ways to get food on the table.

Coles have this week called on consumers to purchase imperfect fresh produce in order to support farmers worst-affected by the country's current weather crisis.



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The supermarket has laxed its strict guidelines regarding the quality of produce they accept, meaning that our food will likely taste the same, but could look a little different.

Given Australia's current circumstances, consumers and suppliers alike are beginning to reshape our approach to food waste and create new, more environmentally-friendly solutions.

How lucky we are that one of these solutions means we get to dig deep into some banana bread?

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