'It's Just Wrong': Lamington And Fairy Bread Beef Burgers Have The Internet Torn

To celebrate Australia Day, an Adelaide cafe has crafted a bacon and beef burger on a lamington bun -- proving you can absolutely have too much of a good thing.

Down under, we wear our lamingtons and quality beef like a badge of honour. But the Lamington Burger may be one step too far.

The double beef, double bacon, double cheese concoction is already a lot to take in. Now whack it between two chocolate and coconut dipped sponge cakes, and we're dealing with a whole different animal.

Chuck Wagon 175 in North Adelaide is responsible for the Australia Day food tribute. And they're copping just as much criticism as they are cudos online.

"Yuck. Love these foods but not in this combo," wrote one commenter on the cafe's Facebook post.

I'm A Celebrity...


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"Looks like something they would try to make you eat on 'I'm A Celebrity'... Not for me, thanks," wrote another skeptic.

Why oh why spoil a perfectly good lamington?

The criticism for the burger came in thick and fast, but there were a couple of brave souls out their willing to give it a shot. "Dinner and dessert," one willing participant wrote.

Now that might be worth putting pants on for!

Another restaurant has thrown their own strange Australiana tribute into the mix. Downtown Brooklyn Penrith in Sydney’s West have whipped up the Fairy Bread Burger -- a wagyu beef and bacon burger nestled between two buttered fairy bread donuts.

"Just because you can doesn't mean you should," someone joked under the photo of the burger.

"I'm drooling yet uncomfortable," wrote another.

Australia is hardly a land known for its culinary prowess. But there are a number of delicious dishes we proudly claim as our own. Only trouble is, cooks are getting a little too creative and insist on mashing our favourite foods together.

Preceding the lamington and fairy bread burgers was the equally as controversial Lamington Chip -- a coconut flavoured potato chip from iconic Aussie brand Smith's.

Arnott's Biscuits have dropped sausage sizzle and meat pie flavoured Shapes. And a couple of years back, Vegemite and Cadbury rocked the boat when they created a salty, caramelly, yeasty chocolate.

There is of course a right and a wrong way to go about gobbling Australia's favourite snacks down at the same time. And platters are the Insta-worthy solution taking social media by storm this summer.



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Over Christmas, there was hardly a table in the nation without a pavlova grazing platter. And now the Australia Day sweet platter is big business.

Brisbane mum and food blogger Cheree Lawrence struck gold when she scattered Aussie delights like Caramello Koalas, Iced VoVos and Tim Tams on a dessert platter.

Now this is Aus Day food done right.

We here in the land down under have some fan-fairybread-tastic food under our belt. But perhaps we need to learn to resist the urge to smoosh it all together in the one bite.

Featured image: Facebook