Mums Are Going Nuts For A DIY Contraption That Solves An Annoying Laundry Dilemma

After hearing about a washing contraption in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, many mums are converted.

Mum Louise shared her hack to the group where she used two storage containers to make a soaking system for her soiled laundry items.

But what’s so different about it as opposed to a regular laundry basin?

Well if you've ever had to soak items of clothing that are stained, you might not want to touch them with your hands.

The system allows you to strain the laundry water from the bucket before tipping it into the washing machine, without putting your hands in the dirty water.



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But as Louise found, purchasing a similar item isn't cheap and can set you back about $60. So instead, she decided to make her own.

"I can not justify $60 for a soaking bucket," she wrote in the group, along with pictures of her own DIY contraption.

"I created my own thanks to Kmart for $17!"

Louise's DIY contraption. Image: Supplied

Louise purchased a stackable container with a lid and storage container with small holes in it from Kmart, which fit into the larger container which she said works very well for straining clothes after they've been soaking.

"I have a newborn and we had a very explosive mess. I had nothing to soak it in as we were in the middle of dinner and the sink and washing machine were both full," she told 10 daily.

"We had storage containers for toys at home so I put them together and hence my own version!"

Louise and her daughter. Image: Supplied

Louise said another benefit of not having to revisit the laundry water with your hands is the convenience of still being able to use the sink.

"It's easy to rest on the eve to drain and then take it straight to the machine," she said, noting she uses it mostly for baby clothes and daycare clothes for her three-year-old.

Mums in the group loved the hack, stating it was 'simple but effective', having gained 1500 reactions and over 200 comments.

"I just use a nappy bucket, I like this idea, saves putting your hands in the water," wrote one.

Genius!!!! I need one of these for daycare clothing!

"Very smart!" wrote another.

Louise said the response to her simple hack has been quite overwhelming. "I did not expect to get so many comments over a simple hack," she said.

Featured image: Supplied