Forget Lolly Bags, Kris Jenner Gave Away $900 Kettles As Party Favours

Kris Jenner has gifted dozens of Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana kitchen appliances and well, she wasn't lying when she said she loves her friends.

It sure pays to rub shoulders with the millionaire Momager.

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner empire has proudly posed alongside a stack of Smeg products that she gifted to guests who attended her family's annual Christmas Eve party.

Anyone who has ever hosted a wedding or house warming will tell you that ending up with an abundance of toasters for presents is a very inconvenient situation.

But when these toasters are selling for $899 a pop? Now that's a different story.

Jenner has taken to Instagram to flaunt her generosity, showing off the products she is "OBSESSED" with.

And these aren't your average Kmart contraptions, these are some very flashy (and very pricey) kitchen appliances.

Premium appliances brand Smeg has collaborated with Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabanna in order to add a little bit of 'Positano' to your 'plunger', a bit of 'Sicily' to your 'sink'.

The range includes a number of electronic goods hand decorated with the designer fashion brand's most iconic prints and colours.

Jenner gave away a juicer, electric kettle, and toaster -- each retailing for AUD $899.00.

Kitchen appliances like you've never seen them before. Image: David Jones

Kim Kardashian was clearly just as excited by her mum's gift giving (or perhaps just as bound to a marketing agreement with Smeg).

The megastar shared photos of the products to her own Instagram account, including a closeup of the kettle and it's intricate detailing.

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While your average goody bag contains a couple of musk sticks and, if you're lucky, a party popper or two, the Kardashian-Jenners have taken it to a whole new level.

Now excuse us as we try to hustle our way into Kris Jenner's inner circle.

Featured Image: Instagram