Aussie Mum's Budgeting Hack Feeds Her Entire Family For Just $55 A Week

Mum-of-two ‎Alinta De Boer‎ has shared her massive cooking effort that's seen her reduce her food bill to less than $100 a week.

We all know that the cost of food, especially eating out, can cause your bank account to take a beating. Add feeding hungry kids into the equation and it's easy for your budget to blow out.

That's why mum-of-two, ‎Alinta De Boer, has shared her budgeting hack that has allowed her to spend only $400 to make enough meals to last her family of four an incredible seven weeks.

"My biggest budget blow out is buying unnecessary stuff at the supermarket," Alinta in the Mums Who Budget & Save Facebook group.

Alinta's stacked freezer. Image: Supplied

"So instead I’ve made seven weeks worth of meals, it cost approximately $400 in ingredients which equates to about $55 a week."

Alinta said she still needs to purchase other items from the supermarket, including food for lunchboxes, dog food and general household items.

But when she did her $400 shop, she also bought pasta and rice in bulk that contributed to her incredible meal prep efforts.

Alinta has run out of room in her freezers. Image: Supplied

"So it is just be fresh vegetables I need to go with select meals," she added.

You could certainly choose more budget friendly meals (lamb mince is expensive, for example) but I’m happy with this cost.

Alinta said she bought most of the items from Aldi as well as a handful of products from Woolworths that she wasn't able to find at the budget chain.

She also bought her vegetables from a local farmer's market which further helped her to save on spending.



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"I still have more to do but have run out of room in my second freezer. This week I did a huge bulk meal prep, making seven different dishes," she said alongside a photo of her stacked freezer.

"There’s about seven week's worth of food here, each container is a family serve. Also in there are two week's worth of lunches and breakfasts."

Alinta said her meal prep contains the following:

  • Thai chicken mince with rice or lettuce cups x five
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise with heaps of hidden veg x 12
  • Lamb ragu with pasta or gnocchi x eight
  • Mexican beef mince with tacos, nachos or stuffed sweet potatoes x 10
  • Lemon basil pesto chicken tenderloins with vegetables and pasta x five
  • Sun dried tomato pasta bake - (not put together yet due to space) x six
  • Mexican pulled pork burritos - (not put together due to space) x five

Alinta also made 14 serves of mango chia seed puddings with blueberries for breakfast and 14 single serve lunches for work, which considered of black rice, homemade avocado hummus, roast veggies, feta and tofu.

The mum-of-two told 10 daily while her children aren't picky eaters, making meal prep easier, she does have to cater for allergies including gluten, all nuts, soy, peas, and dairy.

Alinta's two children love helping her with food prep. Image: Supplied

Alinta only uses reusable containers for her meal prep, noting there are some great options available for budget-friendly prices at Kmart.

The $8 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers from Kmart are getting a lot of attention online. Image: Kmart

Her biggest money saving tip is to shop around for the best price, even though it can be tempting to purchase the first item you find to save time.

"The reason I was able to keep the cost low was because I bought things from three different supermarkets based on cost," she told 10 daily.

One of Alinta's lunches. Image: Supplied

While Alinta did her cooking over the course of a week when she had time (with the help of her kids), she said it'd be manageable to do in a weekend if you were organised and planned ahead, estimating it would take two days to do.

Many of the group's members were impressed with Alinta's efforts.

"Impressive!!! You should start a business doing this!!!" suggested one.

"Just amazing, great effort," added another.

"You have inspired me to try meal prepping," noted a third.

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