'Valentine's Day Trees' Are A Thing Now -- So What A Great Day To Be Lazy

'Valentine's Day Trees' are the latest holiday trend here to provide you with the perfect excuse for keeping your tree up too long.

If you're the type of person who simply can't get enough of festive celebration, or perhaps you haven't quite found the time to get those Christmas decorations down, here's the loophole you've been looking for.

Throw a couple of cardboard hearts on your Christmas tree, and boom, you've got yourself a sickly sweet love fern ready for February 14. Because I believe Bear Grylls said it best when he said: "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."

Sarah Megginson


Why You Should Take Your Christmas Lights Down Right Now

One of the saddest Christmas sights I’ve ever seen was a neighbour’s festive pine tree, discarded on the front curb at 8pm on Christmas Day.

The loved-up home decor trend is sweeping Instagram. Decorators are swapping their Christmas ornaments for bows, ribbons, and simply anything that says 'love', sometimes literally.

If you want to give Cupid a run for his money, you can take it one step further by investing in a pink tree. White trees also work well with the pink and red colour scheme.

If you're more traditional, there are plenty of crafty folk who have spruced up their green trees for the occasion, adding pink and white fairy-lights or wedging red roses between the branches.

Texan mother-of-five, Jennifer Houghton, is the Messiah of year-round festivity. Her Instagram account Turtle Creek Lane has over 296 thousand followers, all champing at the bit to see what overzealous display the Southerner cooks up next.

Houghton -- whose accent you can practically hear just by looking at her --shared a photo set of her Valentine's Day Trees which has garnered almost 20 thousand likes.

In the caption she wrote: "If the thought of taking down your Christmas tree is daunting....... DON’T take it down!! Simply turn it into a VALENTINE'S TREE!!"

NOTHING says ROMANCE like abundant capital letters and meticulous interior design.

The Valentine's Day Tree trend is one unmissable way to tell the world you love love.

Does the fact that you have a spare six hours on a Saturday to dedicate to tree-decorating insinuate that you're probably single? Yes it does. But go for it!

Featured Image: Instagram