JoJo Siwa Took Us On A Tour Of Her New Mansion And Oh Boy, It's Not Good

Ahead of her Australian tour, JoJo Siwa walked fans through her enormous California mansion, complete with a Lego mural and a room dedicated entirely to her own merchandise.

The 16-year-old millionaire has just touched down in Australia, where she will be performing seven sold-out shows across the country's east coast.

The 'Dance Moms' alum has garnered an astonishingly large and loyal fan base, consisting mostly of young girls who are as quick to click on her YouTube videos as they are to snatch their mum's credit card and buy her merch.



Why I Won't Be Taking My Daughter To See JoJo Siwa When She Comes To Australia

Any parent of a tween would now know the ‘news’ that JoJo Siwa (AKA JoJo Bow Girl) is boomerang-ing her way down under.

JoJo, whose real name is Joelle Jonie Siwa, has an estimated net worth of AUD$17.5 million. And looking at her new mansion, that couldn't be more clear.

The internet star and her family moved into their new home in December. Only a couple of days into the move, JoJo uploaded two separate house tour videos to her YouTube channel where she has 10.5 million subscribers.

What entails is an 18 minute recreation of 'Richie Rich', or 'Arthur', or essentially any movie ever where someone entirely too young, has entirely too much money.

Before we're even through the door, JoJo hits us with "you can see I've got the Beemer parked out front and the Tesla's just around the corner." This oughta be good.

"Let's go into my house, c'mon." Image: YouTube
"The jumpsuits from my music video." Image: YouTube

In its bare bones, the Californian mansion looks like your run-of-the-mill, garishly overly-expensive home. There are high ceilings, marble floors, and so much beige you could be inside an ear canal.

But it's what JoJo has added to the place that is truly horrifying. The girl is quite literally like a kid in a candy store (which also happens to be the name of one of her songs, apparently).

"Of course it's my house. We have to have a candy bar." Image: YouTube

On her kitchen counters are stacks of snacks and a wall of "JoJo's Juice" -- the first of many branded products she'll go onto flog in these videos. She calls her personal collection of slushie machines and Coca-Cola merchandise her "7-Eleven. Bless her.

Her foyer features a grand piano and glass cases with mannequins wearing her sequined costumes.

One of the rooms is entirely dedicated to her merchandise, which I'd like to call 'Bed, Bow & Beyond'.

"There's like every product under the sun." Image: Youtube
"This area I'm actually so proud of because I did most of it." Image: YouTube

Outside is a pool, basketball court, foosball table, and an abundance of Polly Pocket-esque pink and blue furniture.

A second video flaunts the upstairs, where the capitalist machine that is JoJo Siwa somehow manages to outdo herself.

In addition to her family's large bedrooms, and her own a-bow-mination of a room, is her "fun room" -- a room brimming with novelty rainbow furniture, cardboard cutouts of her own face, and the "rockstar closet" she is "obsessed with" which contains her remaining sparkle-drenched clothes and shoes.

There are also a couple of Michael Jackson albums mounted on the wall, so there's that.

"I got my bow walls!" Image: YouTube
"This is the fun room." Image: YouTube

If the word 'excess' could walk and talk, it would take the form of JoJo Siwa.

The internet celebrity rose to fame after appearing on 'Dance Moms' and 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition'. Her larger than life personality saw her career skyrocket on YouTube. Now, she is one of the most prominent young stars in the world.

Her Australian tour kicks off tonight in Brisbane, before heading to Sydney and Melbourne later this month.

Featured Image: Getty/YouTube