Easter Has Come Early: Darrell Lea Has Created The Hot Cross Bun Of Your Dreams

Iconic Australian chocolatiers Darrell Lea have crafted some incredibly luxe hot cross buns.

They've teamed up with Woolworths to bring to life an almighty range of hot cross buns that are a little less 'Easter', a little more 'eat me all year round because you deserve it.'

For the traditionalists out there, there are of course your cult classics like fruity or chocolate chip. But it's the more adventurous flavours that really have our tummies rumbling.

Darrell Lea are adding something a little special this year. Image: Supplied

Mocha Hot Cross Buns are made with 100 percentArabica coffee and of course that quintessentially rich Darrell Lea chocolate.

The melty Darrell Lea chocolate and coffee is blended together with Aussie flour, and has a delightfully fluffy texture.

The Hot Cross Loaf is another quirky take on a classic, because if you love something, why not make it bigger?

In the Woolies range you'll also find plenty of Cadbury, as well as the hot cross bun flavoured ice cream that was wildly popular last year.

The hot cross bun loaf is another new addition to the range. Image: Supplied

There are also plenty of gluten-free options across a wide range of flavours, including chocolate, fruity and of course, fruitless. There's even options for the egg-free and dairy-free snackers of the world.

The buns are already in stores across the country, despite the hot-headed criticism faced by Coles last week.

Abbey Lenton


In Defence Of Premature Hot Cross Buns: Don't Like Them? Don't Eat Them.

When it comes to hot cross buns, you can't have too much of a good thing.

When Coles released 'Boxing Day Buns' the internet was alight with controversy, with many accusing the supermarket giant of ruining the sanctity of Easter. Or really just the sanctity that is eating warm, sweet, bready goodness on Easter...

No matter how you feel about pre-Easter hot cross buns, you have to admit that supermarkets are really upping their bakery game this year.

What was once a sweet treat to share at Easter has turned into a year-round delicious culinary experiment.

And hey, we're not complaining.

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