"I’m Shook": An Unconventional $2 Cleaning Hack Will Save Your Dirty Carpets

Ditch the Dyson and fetch the coin purse because a $2 Kmart product is just as good at cleaning your carpet.

The pocket change hack will whip just as much dirt and dust out of your carpet as a top-of-the-line vacuum. But be warned, you might need to get messy.

Kmart fans are claiming that a window squeegee is the key to neat and tidy carpets.

The  ‘Window Squeegee Carpet Hack’ is doing the rounds in a number of Kmart-related Facebook groups, with commenters calling the unconventional trick the real deal.

These squeegees are cheap as chips. Image: Kmart

All you need to do is glide a simple window squeegee down your carpet, and the long rubber ledge will pull up and gather any dust and pet hair wedged deep into the fabric.

Fans of the hack are trying it out even after they've already vacuumed, and are amazed to see how much muck the machines leave behind.

You can find window squeegees at most home stores, and Kmart stocks a range of colours for only $2 each.



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Only trouble is, while the hack is undeniably effective, it can be a lot more labour-intensive than your average vacuum.

Given the short handle, you will need to get down on your hands and knees for best results. It may be a fraction of the price of a vacuum and just as good at its job, but this hack is certainly not without it's downsides.

Fans are saying it even picks up what vacuums leave behind. Image: Facebook

Still, Kmart fans are continuing to sing the cleaning trick's praises. A post by Facebook user Ashleigh in the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group shows just how good the squeegee is at collecting pet hair.

"Can you tell I have a grey fluffy cat? Definitely investing in a better vacuum ASAP!," she wrote.

Ashleigh's post in the private group has garnered almost 300 comments, with many expressing how keen they are to try it for themselves.

The ‘Window Squeegee Carpet Hack’ may not be perfect, but for only $2 it's certainly worth a shot.

Featured Image: Getty