Chrissie Swan's Pork Crackling Hack Will Perfect Your Christmas Lunch

Chrissie Swan has taken to Instagram to share her tips for delicious Christmas crackling -- and the comments are brimming with other quirky hacks.

Alongside a photo of a rolled piece of pork, Swan let her thousands of followers in on her yearly routine.

The radio star promised that by following this little rule, you'll be guaranteed "the best crackling ever".

"If you’re making pork for Christmas make sure you leave it open in THE FRIDGE from today so the skin dries out for the best crackling ever," she wrote in the caption.

Swan's timely tip works best when done two days before Christmas.

So, scrap any and all plans you have for tonight. Don't worry, your hard work will pay off soon.

"No matter if you use butter or oil or salt or whatever ... leave it in the fridge out of any wrap TODAY. Do it," she urged her fans.

While pork crackling is a staple for many Australian dining tables around this time of year, it's certainly not an easy thing to master.

Hundreds of people left a comment on Instagram, thanking Swan for her tip. And better yet, many have shared their own weird and wonderful hacks for perfect pork.



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Most of us tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to cooking for friends and family during the festive season.

"We use a hairdryer on it to dry it out and open up the cuts more before using salt and oil," one person wrote.

Another person instructed others to always wait until they're about to cook the pork before salting or oiling the meat.

A kettle was another odd item that came up in the comments, when a home cook recommended pouring boiling water over the pork and padding it try with a tea towel before placing it in the fridge.

The home cook said this little trick will open up the meat's 'pores' to best dry it out.

Swan's Instagram page has become a hub for burgeoning chefs and food lovers. She often shares easy, family-friendly recipes that her followers can try at home, such as the tuna patties that she says her kids love, or an unusually delicious lemon salad.

Swan is particularly fond of festive food and dining. A couple of weeks ago, she shared how to best eat Christmas leftovers with her favourite 'post-Christmas' sandwich.

With the perfect pork and the best post-Christmas sandwich, Swan's kitchen tips will have us eating well for days to come.

Featured Image: Instagram