Exactly What To Do With Your Christmas Tree Come January

The City of Sydney have developed a plan to help you avoid stuffing your old tree into the wheelie bin.

A free Christmas tree pick-up service will roll out across Sydney to assist residents with their post-holiday pack up.

The service will collect both real and fake trees to make sure they are being disposed of as sustainably as possible.

The festive period is notorious for generating excess waste, so it's of the upmost importance that we approach this season responsibly.

According to Lord Mayor Clover Moore, the initiative has been put in place to encourage recycling.



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“It’s easy to book the City of Sydney’s free Christmas tree pick-up service, which will divert real Christmas trees from landfill and create compost or sustainable sources of fuel," said the Lord Mayor.

Sydney-siders can book the pick-up in at any time using this form. Those who have real trees can also break them down and place them inside the green-lid garden organic bins for standard pick-up.

Don't be caught out this Christmas. Image: 'Christmas With The Kranks'

And it's not only Christmas tree waste residents should be mindful of. The council have collated a guide that details exactly how to dispose of a range of common Christmas items.

Here is what you need to know to be your most sustainable self this Christmas:

Wrapping Paper

An increasing number of gift-givers are leaning away from wrapping paper and opting for more recyclable or reusable items such as newspapers and decorative tea towels to dress their presents.

Wrapping paper made from 100 per cent paper can be recycled even with stick tape attached. However anything with metallics, glitter or foil will need to go into the rubbish, eventually ending up in landfill.



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Fairy Lights and Electronics

E-waste needs to be disposed of carefully due to potential toxic materials. If you can't on-sell or donate, find your closest e-waste drop off. City residents can also book a pick-up.

Food Packaging

Aluminium packaging can be recycled in the yellow bin but you must scrunch it up, otherwise the machines may incorrectly identify it as paper.

Styrofoam (polystyrene) can't be recycled in your yellow bin, don't be fooled by the recycling symbol on it. It can be broken up for the red bin for landfill, or you can drop it off for free at the Recycling Centre.

Roll all foil wrappers into a ball and place them in the yellow bin. Soft plastic chocolate and lolly wrappers are to be dropped of at your local RedCycle bin, found at most supermarkets.

Featured image: 'Christmas With The Kranks'