Mum Warns Fellow Shoppers After Kmart Christmas Lights 'Exploded'

A Queensland mother has shared shocking photos of her blackened backyard after her Kmart Christmas lights "exploded".

"Not a hack... just a warning," Karen wrote alongside images of piles of ash and her scorched backyard wall.

According to the Queenslander, her solar-powered lights went up in flames after being left in the sun.

Karen took to the Facebook group 'Kmart Home & Hacks' to alert fellow shoppers of the potential danger of the popular electronic.

Fortunately nobody was hurt by the incident. "Thank God for neighbours or things could've been a lot worse," she wrote. "Will be notifying the store I bought them from tomorrow."

Karen's post has a lot of people concerned. Image: Facebook

The post has garnered almost 700 comments, with many expressing their shock and relief that no one was harmed.

Karen purchased the solar powered 500 LED Multi-Coloured String Lights from Kmart in late November. The Christmas lights remain available on the store's website, currently on sale for $34.



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Many commenters have thanked Karen for her warning and said that they will avoid buying these lights this festive season.

"I think we might pull ours down!" wrote one group member. "I was going to get these, thank God I'm not now, too risky," said another.

The product is still available on the retailer's website. Image: Kmart/Facebook

A Kmart spokesperson has told '10 daily' that the retailer is in contact with the customer and will review the case further.

"At Kmart Australia safety is our number one priority and we are committed to ensuring the products we sell are fully compliant with regulations and safety standards," said the spokesperson.

"We have reached out to the customer to offer support and conduct a review of their case."

Featured Image: Facebook