Simple Hack For 'Absolutely Amazing' Dim Sims Goes Viral

If you want restaurant quality dim sims at home, this is the trick for you.

As we approach Christmas, we know lots of food is going to be involved. And end of year holidays call for snacks and lots of them.

So if you're a dim sim lover?

Take a note from the Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips page on Facebook, who have shared the trick for how to prepare 'absolutely amazing' dim sims at home.

If you're not very good in the kitchen, even better because the trick is super simple and requires no actual... cooking.

All you need is two things: a packet of store bought dim sims and a bottle of sweet chilli sauce.

Who doesn't love a dim sim? Image: Facebook

"Omg omg omg, people, this is the sweet chilli dim sims, seriously, if you haven't tried it yet, do it," the post read.

"1.5 kilograms of Golden Wok Dim Sims, a bottle sweet chilli sauce, your choice, three hours on HIGH in the cooker, the taste is absolutely amazing."

Like you need any more reason to go out and buy a packet of dim sims, they also happen to be on sale for half price at Woolworths at just $5.

Though if you have some hiding at the back of the freezer, they will of course work too.



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But while you might be tempted to try a quicker alternative for cooking your dim sims, waiting for them in the slow cooker is said to make them taste much better.

"In this case, the flavours have time to seep into the dim sim, creating a richer flavour," a follow up message in the group read.

It didn't take long for the tip to go viral in the group, with the post receiving over a thousand comments and nearly a thousand reactions.

This sounds so yummy and what a cheap feed!!!

"Sounds like an awesome thing for Christmas," added another.

"Best idea, I love sweet chilli," said a third commenter.

Featured image: Facebook