Hamish Blake's Christmas Tree Is All Wrong -- But He Refuses To Fix It

The comedian has committed a Christmas sin of epic proportions.

We all know there's only one way to assemble a Christmas tree.

They come is parts, usually three to four. You place the biggest one at the bottom, then the next biggest before placing the smaller sections at the top.

Simple, right? Well, not unless you're Hamish Blake.

You see, the comedian thought he'd try something different this year. He decided to mix things up a little.

He jumbled up the order of the sections of his Christmas tree, placing the sections out of order and some of the larger ones at the top.

And you know what? It doesn't look half bad. Except... that's not the point.

Christmas trees should only ever be assembled in one way. There is no 'choose your own adventure' when it comes to Christmas trees.

While Hamish might not know it, his wife, Zoe Foster Blake certainly does. So much so that she's requested Hamish fix the tree up pronto because she can't stand to look at it.

"Our fake Christmas tree comes in four parts. I put it together. You are meant to put the big tree segments on the bottom and the small ones on the top. Those are 'the rules'," Hamish said.

My wife has tonight noticed I have not played by the rules. It has been up for thee days. She would like it changed.

But Hamish refuses. You see, he has better things to do like "buying water pistols online".

"I do not have time for rules. I am buying water pistols online and doing shakas. I am fun to live with," he wrote.

Fair. We all want a little fun at Christmas time.

However, let's just get one thing straight, there's only one way to assemble a Christmas tree correctly.

Hamish's tree sadly, got it all wrong.

Featured image: Instagram