RIP Bec Judd's Christmas Tree, Instagram Never Understood You

Bec's modern and minimalist Christmas tree has been dividing Instagram for years.

The tree in question first appeared on the television presenter's account in 2012 and honestly, it was too ahead of its time for anyone to fully appreciate it.

The eco-friendly tree which consisted of an arrangement of sticks and baubles was made out of recycled materials and Bec had previously defended it before.

"It's going to be with me and my family until the day I die, so just suck it up!" she said on Instagram in 2017, reiterating that the tree wasn't 'going anywhere'.

But while discussing Christmas with model Megan Gale on her KIIS FM radio show, The 3pm Pick-Up on Monday, Bec explained she has now turfed the tree.

"How's this for breaking news? You know my ugly stick tree that I always cop flack for every year when I put it on Instagram?" she asked.

"It's an art installation," co-host Monty Diamond interjected and yes Monty, it is.


Rebecca Judd had the tree for seven years. Image: Instagram

"I think it's very very stylish. Very expensive, that tree. Anyway the tree's gone. Yep," Bec said.

Bec said the tree 'didn't make the move' into her newly renovated $7.3 million home and while she hasn't got a replacement yet, she's got her eye on a white fluffy tree with pink baubles from Target.

"I filmed this thing for Target last week and they had the most amazing big white fluffy LED tree with of course all of these pink baubles," she said.

Got to do it, yeah.

Bec added she has never had a real Christmas tree  in her home because she can't bring herself to throw them away.

"You just leave them on the street. You're on Boxing Day and all these dead trees are out on the street. I don't like it," she said.

So RIP to Bec Judd's Christmas tree, you were never meant for this world.

Featured image: Instagram