Marie Kondo Savaged For Her Latest Move After Telling Us To Throw Out Our Stuff

Remember that time when Marie Kondo told us to get rid of all of the items in our life that don't 'spark joy'?

After the prominence of her Netflix series 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' caused a large proportion of adults to collectively lose their minds and start throwing out their possessions, we'd say you do.

It dropped on the second day of January this year, a time where conveniently a lot of us are on a 'new year, new me' tangent and cleaning up our lives? Well that sounded like an excellent idea.

So many of us got swept up in the declutting storm of Marie Kondo that local charities could barely keep up with all of the donations coming in.

The CEO of St Vincent de Paul told the Sydney Morning Herald at the time that the charity’s Vinnies stories in western Sydney had seen a 38 per cent increase in donations in the first few weeks of the year when compared to the same time in 2018.

Except now there seems to be a problem for those of us who jumped on the minimalist band wagon. You see, Marie Kondo did something earlier this week. She launched her online store and wants to sell you stuff.

So it seems it's fine to throw out all of your possessions, as long as your replacing them with the things she wants to sell you. And let us tell you, the irony of this is not lost on us.

To cap it off, the items Marie Kondo is spruiking have been deemed, well, relatively unnecessary. We're talking about a range of more than 150 organisation or home items like a $275 brass kitchen utensil holder, an $86 candle and wait... a $12 wooden Shiatsu stick. She's literally selling us sticks.

So let us leave you with a selection of some of the best Twitter reactions:

Marie Kondo wins.

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