Kmart Fan Uses Yoga Balls To Make Giant Christmas Baubles

Think it's too early to start decorating for Christmas? Kmart fans think otherwise and they've been sharing their DIY tricks for weeks.

One of them is Amy Matthews, who has taken her love of Kmart and Christmas decorations to the next level.

Sharing photos of her clever decorating hack to the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page, Amy explained how she transformed three gym balls into 'supersized' Christmas baubles to decorate the front of her house.

Sharing her trick, Amy wrote: "I’ve spent the last three weeks working on these super-sized outside baubles but they are finally finished!!!"

Amy has been commended for her patience in creating these giant Christmas baubles. Image: Facebook

"Pretty much everything from Kmart!! Three gym balls, monochrome rope and acrylic paint (they are coated with a waterproof clear gloss) and a S***LOAD of patience."

Amy added the gold tops on her baubles are metal bowls and used liquid nails to secure them to the balls.

I used superglue for the rope and I have attached a funnel (like petrol funnel to the bottom so the can't blow around in the wind).


Fans of the group were very impressed with Amy's handy work, with a number of them stating she has inspired them to try the same trick.

"This is seriously like the best hack ever," one wrote.

These are the best creations I’ve ever seen!! I didn’t think I’d ever have bauble envy.

Amy's decorating hack has becoming wildly popular, being liked over 3,600 times but there are also a plethora of other Christmas hacks being shared in the group.

Many have been making their own Christmas wreaths by using a pool noodle and attaching decorations they have picked up from the discount store.

Many Kmart fans have been making their own Christmas wreaths using pool noodles. Image: Facebook

Another has gone as far as to make a mock fireplace and tired of having a child or pets claw at your Christmas tree? Why not hang it from the roof like one Kmart shopper.

A DIY fireplace (left) and a hack for keeping kids and pets away from the Christmas tree (right). Image: Facebook

It seems if you're after an ingenious Christmas hack, Kmart fans have got you covered.

Featured image: Facebook