Why Lindsay Lohan Wants Cody Simpson To Return Her Furniture

Linday's comment during the finale of 'The Masked Singer' has finally been explained.

It was one of the moments before Cody Simpson's reveal as the winner of 'The Masked Singer' that left you a little confused.

Prior to the singer taking off his mask to expose himself as the Robot, Lindsay -- the only panel judge to guess the winner's identity correctly -- made a comment.

Cody Simpson being unmasked. Image: Network 10

Lindsay said she had furnished her sister's home in Los Angeles which she shared with Cody prior to their split and during the show asked him when he would be 'returning' her items.

Host Osher Günsberg also weighed in, asking: "Is he going to give you your furniture back?"

"Where is it even?" Lindsay responded while Cody laughed, appearing to be confused before responding: "I don't know, I don't think it ever even showed up."

Viewers were left unsure of the back story and Cody himself didn't seem to put two and two together at the time, but fellow panel judge Jackie O explained the exchange of words on radio this morning.

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan, who dated Cody Simpson. Image: Getty

"When Lindsay's sister [Ali Lohan] was dating Cody [in 2018], they moved into a place on Venice Beach, but didn't have any furniture," The Kyle & Jackie O Show host said.

So Lindsay bought them a house load of furniture. And then, as soon as they moved in, according to Lindsay, he split up with Ali. And then I think Ali moved out.

Kyle added that Cody seemed to have no idea what Lindsay was referring to as Jackie continued: "Maybe [Lindsay] had just told Ali, and Cody had no idea where the furniture had come from."

Appearing as a guest on Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa yesterday, Cody elaborated on his relationship with Linday's sister Ali.

"I dated her sister for a little while and I lived in this little beach shack in Venice in California. And I didn't have a bed, just a mattress on the floor, by choice," he said.

I just didn't really care, you know. They came into the house and kept like, ordering me stuff and it would show up to the house. [Lindsay] bought me a bed frame.

Still no word on whether or not Lindsay will be getting her furniture back, though Twitter users did find the exchange amusing.

Featured image: Network 10