'I Was Called Disgusting': Shoppers Stoop To Shocking Low Amid Caramilk Shortage

If your local is stocked with the white chocolate and caramel mixture, you might want to grab yourself a few extra blocks.

That's because the highly popular confectionery item is being listed for amounts totaling in the thousands on websites such as eBay.

One seller is currently listing 25 blocks for $1,250 with the individual price per block totaling a whopping $50. Another has listed 20 blocks for $999 at a similar price with each block coming to $49.95.

Many of the sellers are making sure to note that the much sought after blocks are not recalled items after Cadbury said their blocks with a best before between 17/01/2019 and 21/01/2019 may contain "small, flexible pieces of food-grade plastic as a result of a machinery fault during the manufacturing process", despite the notice being from 2018.

Image: eBay

The rise in listings comes after a number of shoppers have posted online about finding it difficult to get their hands on Caramilk from their local supermarkets.

"I’ve been to four supermarkets (Ipswich and outer west Brisbane) and can't find any," Pam Starr wrote in the Caramilk Club Addicts Facebook group.

Many agreed, with another user writing: "Pretty much all shops are out of stock for now my local IGA said they could have a delivery tomorrow."

"I’m stalking Woolworths but no restock yet," added a third.

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Others suggested the shortage of Caramilk comes as shoppers buy 10 blocks or more when they are able to find it out of fear they won't be able to get access to it again.

"I don’t know why people buy 10 or more blocks of Caramilk... seems a bit excessive and greedy," a group member wrote.

Some shoppers as a result have used such pages to locate Caramilk and ask other users if their local stores are stocked.

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Caramilk is temporarily unavailable from Woolworths online with a photo of a Woolies shelf covered in unavailable stickers has gone viral.

It comes after many disgruntled workers shared their stories of being asked to check if their is any left out the back by customers, only to cop abuse when they reiterated there is none left.

Image: Facebook

"I keep being abused because apparently night fill order stock and know all about why it's not in," wrote a Woolies worker.

"All I tell customers is a variant of 'It's not my fault a popular product has sold out before *checks watch* 6:15 in the afternoon...'"

I was called disgusting by an old lady. Like look, I know I'm disgusting, but reminding me isn't going bring your stupid chocolate onto the shelf.

Caramilk was being sold by Woolworths for 30 per cent off at $3 a block, one of the cheapest prices around for the chocolate which may have led to the shelf shortage.

Many explained they don't understand the obsession with Caramilk, with a woman sharing online that the New Zealand version tastes much better than what she purchased here.

"So annoyed. My brother brought Caramilk over from New Zealand last week. Best before dates are 11 days apart -- New Zealand stuff tastes way better than the stuff for sale here. The bottom block was purchased here..." she wrote.

Image: Facebook

But regardless, it appears to be available online at Coles, being sold for $4.80 a block, a steal when compared to the exorbitant listings on eBay.

So if you happen to get your hands on any of the treasured chocolate, you might want to keep it for a little while as it might end up being worth more than you'd think.

Featured image: Facebook