Woman's Warning After Discovery Garden Pot 'Spontaneously Combusted' And 'Caught Fire'

If your Discovery Garden pots are currently sitting outside in the sun, you might want to bring them under some shade.

It comes after social media user Kael Veenstra-Young posted a photo of a burnt Discovery Garden pot that was sent to her by her friend who claimed it caught fire after being left out on a hot day.

"So this has just happened to a friend.... please all take note and do not leave these in the sun," she wrote along with a photo of the smoldering pot.

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"Warning... these little seed packs that Woolworths are giving out can catch fire. It's a hot day and they were outside and dry, and they spontaneously combusted," a caption above the image reads.

Many were stunned over the shopper's experience with one writing, "What the heck! That's weird," and another adding,"Oh man it’s like a hot compost!"

The photo of the pod on Facebook. Image: Facebook

However other were quick to point out that the Woolworths instructions state the pots should not be left out in the sun.

"Says not to leave them outside when sprouting, no wonder they got so dry and lit up," a commenter wrote.

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The post has since gone viral on Facebook being shared 1.3K times with Kael being forced to defend the image with many stating it would not have happened had the instructions been followed.

"I love a good discussion however the point of my post was only as a friendly warning," she later wrote in the comments section.

The woman shared the photo as a warning. Image: Facebook

Yet another added if you leave them in the shade they begin to grow mould.  "And if in shade hey grow dog vomit mould," they wrote. 

Speaking to 10 daily, a Woolworths spokesperson said they are currently looking into the claim.

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"As a general gardening rule, keep your plants out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods and away from surfaces that may increase the intensity of direct sunlight, such as metallic surfaces," the spokesperson said.

"It is also important to check that the soil is adequately watered. Soil that requires watering will be dry and dusty to the touch and may also be a lighter colour. Seedlings need to be kept well watered in order to thrive."

Featured image: Facebook