Whittaker's Chocolate Explain Why They've Disappeared From Woolies Shelves

A few weeks ago, Whittaker's Chocolate blocks went missing from Woolworths shelves and it caused chocolate lovers to go into a panic.

Many commented on the Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers Facebook page, questioning whether the retail giant had decided to stop stocking their beloved chocolate brand.

"Why can’t I buy Whittaker’s Blocks in Woolworths anymore?? I’m in NSW and they’re gone?! Whittaker’s is best chocolate blocks by far," Shellie questioned.

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"My local Woolworths has no Whittaker’s in stock at all. Have they discontinued it?" Sue also asked, with Melinda adding, "I can't find it anymore."

But nobody panic, Whittaker's and Woolworths have now shed light on the great chocolate mystery, explaining why is disappeared from shelves.

Whittaker's is a popular confectionery manufacturer from New Zealand. Image: Facebook

Whittaker's announced on their Facebook page that their chocolate will be returning to Woolworths stores.

"Rest assured we haven’t disappeared forever. We are currently updating our delicious range in Woolworths to our new generous and bigger 250g blocks," Whittaker's said.

This might mean that some stores run out of our 200g stock temporarily, but you will see these 250g blocks start appearing on Woolworths shelves in the next few weeks.

A Woolworths spokesperson told 10 daily that later this week, Whittaker's chocolate will return to their shelves in a new 250g block.

"We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting product lines to inspire our chocolate- loving customers," the spokesperson said.

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They added that the flavours will remain the same but now there is even more deliciousness to share.

And the world is right once more.

Image: Facebook