A Mum's DIY Le Snak Lunchbox Hack Is Going Viral

If you're tired of spending a mint of your children's lunchbox snacks, a clever parent has found a simple solution.

Mum Telisha shared her clever hack on Facebook, explaining she uses a shot glass to cut cheese and ham that she packs in mini containers along with biscuits in a snack pack, similar to a Le Snak, for her kids.

And it's a trick she said that also saves her a lot of cash.

"I just saved a whole lot of money making my own lunchables," Telisha wrote. "USING A SHOT GLASS for the circles."

Her post has since gone viral on Facebook, with almost four thousand reactions, 2.7K reactions and two thousand shares.

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"This is the best hack I’ve ever seen! I’m going to save hundreds!" wrote one.

"Great idea and they get what they like," added another.

"Ohhhh great idea I think I’m gonna try this!" added a third.

Featured image: Facebook