Where Is 'The Bachelor' Mansion? All Your Biggest Questions, Answered

A lot of thought goes into making sure the Bachelor mansion is looking its best before it plays host to our hopeful bachelorettes.

Whether it's during a dramatic cocktail party or when Osher delivers a date card at breakfast, you can guarantee the scene is unfolding in front of some seriously decadent chandeliers, luxurious looking sofas and eye-catching floral arrangements of The Bachelor mansion.

It's the type of mansion that encourages a memorable entrance (plenty of spiral staircases) and will always help you put your best foot forward because there is soft lighting aplenty in the house where LOVE is continually blossoming.

Photo: Network 10.

These are all details that are carefully thought out by 'The Bachelor Australia's' Art Department who let us in on a few of their interior design secrets.

"We like to ensure every inch of the mansion is dressed and ensure it oozes opulence and romance," the team told 10 daily.

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Where Is The 'Bachelor' Mansion?

While the location of the stunning Bachie abode is top secret, it's been reported that the house is located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The tranquil spot provides the perfect blend of nature bursting with wildlife, and is just a short way from magnificent ocean views.

How Does The Bachie Mansion Magic Happen?

The department consists of a group of style experts just "bursting full of ideas" who usually start with "a small idea and the team workshops it to make sure it becomes the beautiful mansion we all know and love".

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That means handpicking everything from velvety cushion covers, bold wallpaper, heavy curtains and striking lampshades to make sure the girls are right at home when they're not out on single dates with Matt.

There's even strategically placed fruit around the house that not only provides the Bachie girls with a healthy snack but gives the mansion an extra pop of colour.

Photo: Network 10.

Photo: Network 10.

And in case you were wondering what the electricity bill might cost at Chateau Bach -- the Art Department told 10 daily that a lot of thought goes into illuminating the various indoor and outdoor spaces. 

"[There are] thousands and thousands of candles, fairy lights and then there are the gorgeous chandeliers," the team told 10 daily.

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Thousands! It sounds like the perfect lighting conditions to take a few selfies, if only the girls were allowed to bring their phones to The Bachelor mansion.

While we're often concentrating on what's going on at the cocktail party or who the girls are talking about, it's often to miss some of the intricate details of the mansion like this sunshine-filled outdoor gym.

Photo: Network 10.

Or this perfect outdoor entertaining space that we often see after the sun sets ahead of a rose ceremony.

Photo: Network 10.

Look at this incredible grotto filled with foliage and tea light lamps!

Photo: Network 10.

And the way these climbing plants have worked their way, not only up the wooden trellis but perfectly around that Bachie mansion window frame.

Photo: Network 10.

The mansion gets freshened up every season but also gets some specific interior tweaks depending on whether it's Bachelors or Bachelorettes residing in the home.

"For 'Bachelor' we give the mansion a very feminine almost princess vibe for the ladies, then for 'Bachelorette' we bring in leather and more manly textures but both styles always have a touch of romance thrown in," the team told 10 daily.

We can't wait to see how the mansion gets switched up again for Angie Kent's upcoming season of 'The Bachelorette'!

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.