There's A Leotard To Stop Your Dog From Shedding Everywhere And Umm, Yes Please

Please excuse us, we have important news to share. If you're tired of vacuuming up your dog's fur from all over your house, we have found what is possibly the best solution.

It's a big call, we know. But we're willing to stand by it. If you're still not sure, may we present you with this:

No, it's not the latest fad in pet clothing, though the dog in the picture does look equal parts cute and unimpressed, which is how most dogs appear when their owners force them into clothing against their will.

It's called the Shed Defender. A leotard for your dog designed to stop them from shedding all over your house.

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Aside from making your dog look like they also appeared in your primary school dancing concert, you now no longer need to vacuum up a trail of fur every time your fur baby follows you around the house.

You don't need to keep apologising to your friends who are covered in dog fur every time they come over to your house when you fail to pull out the vacuum either. Win!

That's not where the benefits stop either. The Shed Defender can also be worn to replace cones around the head if your dog has recently had surgery to minimise licking or biting of the wound.

They further act as a barrier from mud and dirt if your dog decides to roll around in the backyard and they can even protect against fleas, according to the brand.

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If your furry friend also has a little bit of anxiety, the snug fit is said to have a calming effect too.

And no, they're not cruel to use on your dog. The Shed Defender is vet-approved and made from a breathable, four-way stretch, eco-friendly mesh fabric.

They have a large range of sizing, starting from 'mini' all the way up to 'giant'. Prices range from $72 to $112 including shipping to deliver to Australia from the US.

But you can get a discount if purchasing multiple item, so you might want to talk to your mates at the dog park to save some cash.

The Shed Defender actually made its first appearance on Shark Tank in 2018 and sorry, where were we for that episode?

Since then, they've seen a 65 percent growth in revenue with their gross profit doubling after moving to bulk manufacturing.

The idea first came about in 2011 after founder, Tyson Walters, struggled to find a solution to the uncontrollable shedding of his St.Bernard, Harley.

So we will leave you with this:

Happy Tuesday and thanks Harley, for the inspiration.

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