You Can Buy An Entire Flatpack House From New Zealand Bunnings

If you put away enough of your sausage sizzle money, you might be able to afford your own tiny, ready to build home.

Bunnings in New Zealand has taken home improvement to a whole new level, offering customers the opportunity to assemble their own two-bedroom house for just over $70,000.

A bargain? In this economy? Possibly. As long as you do have a block of land to plonk the house on, that is.

The teeny flat-pack homes are made by Bunnings' Clever Living Co -- and can be customised to your needs with a fully kitted out kitchen, kitchen appliances, heating and security cameras.

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The group's tagline is 'Homes That Move To You' which sounds a lot like the sentient UltraHouse 3000 featured in 'The Simpsons' back in 2001, voiced by Pierce Brosnan, but we're sure these homes are perfectly safe!

That's a no to the UltraHouse 3000, thank you very much. (Photo: FOX).

The brochure explains that you can either have your new house delivered in one huge piece or "delivered as a kitset" to be put together by a registered builder -- like assembling hundreds of IKEA flatpacks together to form a super flatpack structure.

The petite homes have names like Merino, Angus, Dexter, Suffolk and Oxford and promise that you'll enjoy the "feeling of generous living areas on a surprisingly small footprint".

(Clever Living Co.)

According to the NZ Herald, over 50 of the two-bedroom models were sold last year -- which could point to the increasing popularity of tiny homes with people who want to downsize and reduce their carbon footprint, all while saving money.

The miniature housing phenomenon even has its own Netflix series -- 'Tiny House Nation' that follows families across America as they find creative solutions to creating multi-purpose bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

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The show's co-host, Zack Griffen, told the NY Times that the beauty of owning a tiny home includes spending more time with family (presumably because there aren't too many places to hide in a tiny home), living a more minimalist lifestyle, and saving cash.

As the NZ Herald notes, the snug abodes probably aren't ideal for urban environments, but it's something to keep in mind if you have dreams of moving to rural New Zealand with $70,000 in your pocket.

Main Image: Clever Living Co/Bunnings NZ.