Barry Du Bois' Latest Space-Saving Reno Is Here To Inspire You

Here's something totally relatable -- mother of three Rebecca’s attempts at DYI have all ended in disaster.

Enter The Living Room's reno wizard Barry Du Bois.

While poor Rebecca's attempts to revamp the family room weren't the best, Baz managed to make Bec a new room for her whole family to use -- kids, musical instruments and home office et al.

Before the reno -- which airs tonight on The Living Room -- the room had a mish-mash of uses -- a library, a home office and a place for the family to hang out. In fact, it was a big open-plan space, with stuff everywhere but no real order.

See below -- it's cramped and chaotic, but comfy.

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"The kids and the owner and mum are both artistic and musically-inclined. There was a big drum kit,  musical instruments, and in the back part a couple of single beds and a double bed," Baz told 10 daily. "They really come to this space to relax. It's clearly one of the favourite spaces of the house."

It's a big, open space, and clearly, there's not a lot of storage, so we worked hard on that  -- and we then used it as equal part storage and equal part partition.

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"What I really wanted to do was keep it open plan, but give real senses of zones. And although we don't want to close this space in I want to be able to sort of shut the home office area down, so that it's not always in your face as well as maintain a little bit of privacy there."

So he did just that. And we're here to take you on the journey.

The office side, complete with its wall of books, was sketched out first, and then  -- using Venetian blinds to block it off from the rest of the space -- Baz worked his magic again.

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Amazing, right?

Next Baz tackled the other end of the room.

It was clear to him that the kids loved having a place to hang out -- and the beds were there for them to do just that. "While those beds weren't going to stay there -- they just take up a lot of floor space -- they clearly sat on them and lounged on them and played instruments and just talked on them," said Baz.

"I wanted to be able to give them breakaway spaces, and I wanted to build this space thinking of the future, where we'll have teenagers there, soon, and they will want a little bit more privacy."

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And the result?

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It is just SO DARN GOOD! What kid wouldn't love that?

And as for that elusive storage... well, you can always have a little more, right?

"Right," said Baz. "I decided to make a large ottoman that has storage in it, as well as put it on wheels -- it can move around from the lounging area, near the fireplace, into the hangout zone, where I think the kids will use that space a lot more when they're teenagers."

And was Bec happy with the result? We say yes to the ottoman!

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