How Do You Like Your Easter Buns?

Do you prefer your hot cross buns toasted or plain? Buttered? Jam? What about with bacon? Or fishcakes? Yes you read that right.

According to Facebook, 84 percent of us prefer toasted buns, hon.

But there is also the question of butter or no butter? And adding jam or not?

The world is divided. And also confused. Because some people have messed with simplicity. You see, it can also get very dark in the Hot Cross Bun world.

A quick poll around the 10 daily office also threw up adding Vegemite as a topping , and maybe a little cheese. One person mentioned bacon.  And so we went looking for what it was that other people were putting on their hot cross buns.

And if you're a traditionalist, you are going to feel shook. We'll start with something tame, but be warned... things could get nasty.

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Cheese (nearly butter, so okay)

Cheese and jam (is that a thing?)

Cheese and ham (we know that's a thing)

Smashed avocado (you'll never afford a mortgage)

Chicken (just not sure about this one)

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Burgers (we could be persuaded...)

Bacon (because, why not?)

Eggs (well it is Easter)

Truffles (because truffles)

Fishcakes (we just can't deal)

And the obligatory dessert pimp-outs

Feature image: Bakers Delight/Instagram