Feng Shui May Actually Help You Get To Sleep

Could the ancient art be the answer to your sleep issues? It's worth a try, right?

According to one expert, if you're having less zzzs than you want, it could be something to do with how your room is laid out.

Interior specialist and feng shui expert Kirsten Yadouga writes in Mind Body Green that a few simple tweaks to the layout of your room could give you some well-earned rest.

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First up, though, a reminder about what feng shui actually is.

"Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment."

There you go.

So it makes sense that if the energy isn't flowing smoothly, you're not going to get what you need out of a room. In this case, of course, that means sleep.

Said Yadouga, "When our bedrooms have good feng shui, we feel secure and protected, and only then is our subconscious truly able to relax and shift into a deep rest."

Of course, knowing it is one thing, doing something about it is another. But, it turns out, to get a more restful room doesn't actually take much doing at all:

Move the bed

Place your bed so that you have a view of the door (without being directly in front of it). Ideally, your bed is also not right under a window or backed into a corner. A headboard or wall behind the bed gives a feeling of protection and security, so aim for this too, if you have enough room.

And breathe. Image: Getty
Kondo the place

Keep your bedroom free of clutter or piles, keep nick nacks to a minimum, resist the urge to use under-the-bed storage -- all these things are said to create physical barriers to free-flowing energy.

Ditch the crazy artwork

According to Yadouga we should be moving most photos out of the bedroom -- or at least editing them to reflect the life we want to invite for ourselves. "Keep images in the bedroom that promote calm, love, and partnership," she recommended. Think quiet, calming colours on the walls and even move mirrors out of the room if you can, or at least move them so they're not reflecting the bed.

Sort out your own energy

At night you really do need to bring things down a few notches before you try and doze off.  Try to ban artificial light, mobile phones and screens before bed and invest in some quality blinds. Burn some incense or apply calming aromatherapy oils before bedtime, or spray a calming blend onto your pillow s you get into bed. And meditate -- calming your mind with meditation can program it to relax. Download an app like Calm, which can help you.

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Move on the stale energy

Once you've removed clutter, positioned furniture, and got rid of any pictures that may be negatively affecting you, you can them move on to an energetic cleaning, with a smudge stick or sage bundle, or even some incense.

According to Ashley Bellino from Stoned Crystals, it’s akin to a spiritual spring clean for our homes.

On a physical level we regularly clean our houses from dust and dirt. So it makes sense to also do this energetically."

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Pay special attention to corners of your room, or areas behind dressers, cabinets, and doors, where old energy can build up.

Sleep well, and don't forget to set that alarm.

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