Give Your Bed A Cosy Winter Makeover For Under $100

It's getting colder and your bed is calling. Better get it into top winter shape if you plan on spending a lot of time in it, right?

The good news (aside from all that good weather for just staying under the doona) is that it's not hard to make your bed into a sanctuary.

And actually, according to interiors guru Jane Thomson, the key to making your actual bedroom a really cosy place you won't want to leave is to add texture and fill up the space.

Like so.

"In winter we feel cold, so we need to get warmth and cosiness into the room," Jane told 10 daily.  "One of the best things to do is to get a fluffy looking duvet. Once you have a little volume there, it gives the bed a feeling of unctuousness."

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Next, get something that feels warmer -- like a faux fur throw -- and drape that over the bed. It gives you the feeling that it looks warm. That will make you feel like you're in the cave, cosy and protected."

The next thing to think about is your windows.

"A lot of people only have blinds these days, but they can be cold-looking. One great thing you can do to warm up the room is go to Target, K Mart, Spotlight or Ikea and buy a simple rod and get some eyelet curtains. Make sure they're a beautiful fabric, generally a couple of shades darker than the wall.

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"They warm the room up and give it a feeling a softness -- in winter our brains want soft, comfort and cosiness. Curtains make the room feel warmer instantly. And if you get into summer and think they're too heavy, you can change them for a lighter fabric.

What they do is add body to a room, and body gives a room a homelike feel. And it should feel like a sanctuary."

Nailed it.

Her next tip is the make sure you don't leave the walls bare.

"If you don't have prints in the room, fill up the wall above the bed with something framed. That will fill the room and make it feel more cosy. Bare walls can make it feel cold."

And in terms of bedlinen while we're all mad for warming colours like yellows, reds and gold Jane adds that what is important is texture.

"Colours can be comforting and you can do reds and bricks, but once you have the textures there you can change the room -- adding the curtains and a faux fur or a chunky knit on cosy textured bedlinen-- that automatically makes you feel warm."

Here are our picks of the most luscious winter bedlinen you'll love (and you'll get change from $100 too!).

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Mercer + Reid Queen Winnie Quilted Velvet Mustard Quilt Cover, $99.99 Adairs 

Mercer + Reid Sinclair Mustard knit throw, $83.99, Adairs

Xanthe Queen quilt cover set in Green, $69, Target

Home Republic Queen York Quilted Velvet Tobacco Quilt Cover, $99.99 Adairs

Ludde sheepskin rug, $79, IKEA

Linen Queen cotton quilt cover set in Apple Butter, $59, Target  

Chickidee throw, $100, ASOS

KOO Lara Quilted Quilt Cover Set, from $90-$160, Spotlight

Zsa Zsa Faux fur throw, $25, KMart