Big W's New Kids Homewares Range Is So Cute You'll Want It For Yourself

The ever affordable Big W has released a brand new homewares range just for kids -- but grown-ups might want to keep it for themselves.

We're not kidding.

First up in Big W's fresh decor drop is what we're dubbing the chair of the season -- it's a tub-style armchair (without the arms, of course) with quilt-style stitching and slim, solid wooden legs.

Plus, it's linen. LINEN. Look, we don't want to be controversial but linen might be too good for the kiddies. Just sayin'.

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Kodu Kids Linen Chair in Pink, House & Home Pom Pom Seagrass Baskets and House & Home Wall Art. Image: Big W/supplied.

It comes in two colours -- a delightful dusty pink and cool grey -- and costs a thrifty $49. We'll take two, thanks.

Next, are these divine seagrass baskets featuring pink stripes and coordinating pom poms or embroidered eyelashes -- and if you've never wanted a seagrass basket with embroidered eyelashes then who are you, really?

They're $15 a pop and are super versatile -- use as a laundry basket or pot plant holder for example. Kids can keep their toys in there as well, we guess ...

Kodu Kids Linen Chair in Grey. Image: Big W/supplied.

The wall art trio -- featuring a cheery rainbow, rain cloud and llama -- is admittedly a tiny bit 'little sister's bedroom' but you don't have to hang them all in a row.

Split them up around the house for a pop of fun and colour in every room. A llama in the bathroom? Why not. (They're $12 each btw.)

Add a touch of the prehistoric to your abode with a $15 dinosaur light -- it's like a night light for adults. Not that we're scared of the dark or anything ...

Mirabella Triceratops Flat Light. Image: Big W/supplied.

Harry Potter fans both young and old can get their Hogwarts fix with these house-themed cushions -- at $15 each you can accio all four.

There are also Potter-esque PJs ($19) but they might be best left to the younguns purely because they are likely too small for most adults. Shame.

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Image: Big W/supplied.

Lastly, we have this adorable quilt cover and pillow slip combo ($19) that transforms the sleeper into a mermaid monarch - note the tail and the crown, people.

Our only request? Can Big W make this for a grown-up's bed? Thanks!

Mermaid Quilt Cover Set. Image: Big W/supplied.

Feature image: Big W/supplied.