Mother Shares Genius Condom Cleaning Hack

A woman has blown the world's collective mind by sharing a hack she discovered which will clean your kitchen taps using... wait for it... a condom.

Yup, seriously.

The UK mother took to Facebook to share her genius way of using a love glove (not sorry) to clean her kitchen taps.

The woman shared the images to the group called Hinch Army Cleaning Tips -- a page which is basically a homage to Instagram star Sophie Hinch.

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The genius cleaning hack. Source: Facebook

Beside an image showing the before-and-after effects of her hack, the woman explained her rather, ahem, unorthodox method. "I wasn’t sure how well it would work but I'm so impressed," she wrote.

"White vinegar in a condom left overnight on the taps, no scrubbing after just used a sponge to wipe."

The woman explained that as she didn't have any "food bags, balloons or rubber gloves" in the house, she instead reached for the "loads of free condoms" that were lying around. Righto.

After trying the unusual cleaning method, she said is now keen to "do all my other taps and make them sparkle."

Fellow cleaning devotees also went on to share their version of the hack, with one woman posting a photo of hers which involved using a "leftover Christmas balloon".

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The genius cleaning hack now using a balloon. Source: Facebook

Yeah, we'll take the condom any day.

Feature Image: Universal Pictures.