This Season's Hottest Home Decor Colour May Surprise You

Want to know the colour we'll all be using in our homes this year? According to these experts, it's THIS.

Sick of stark white rooms, grey walls or blush pink interiors and wondering what the experts tip to be the next big thing?  We asked two of our favourite Changing Rooms style experts to give us their tips on terracotta -- their choice for the colour you will be seeing more and more of in 2019.

Jane Thomson, interior designer and stylist

"Yes, the big new colour for the season is something that was out in the nineties but it's an updated version -- it's a beautiful kind of light terracotta. It's kind of like a salmon and it's just gorgeous, absolutely beautiful," Jane enthused to 10 daily.

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"You've got all the paint companies calling it different names. I'm calling it, kind of, the 2019 version of salmon and I think it's beautiful," she said.

Her tip for doing terracotta in style?

Please don't use gloss paint. If you are going to paint your wall use a matte paint. Because that will make it yummy, and chalky, and you just want to eat it."

"It just looks so beautiful on a wall," she added. "It's just gorgeous."

And if a whole wall ain't your bag, don't be afraid to start with a floor. Because "terracotta is coming back in for tiles too,"  says Jane.

Chris Carroll -- interior designer and stylist

"Surprisingly, everyone's embracing the warm tones this year which is a bit of a change. Normally everyone will go with blue and green. But this year it's about kind of muddy terracotta tones -- orange and some reds and even a muddy yellow," Carroll told 10 daily.

"They're really not pure oranges and pure reds and yellows, but muddy, earthy kind of tones.  I guess a little bit of Mexican, and a little bit Italian too."

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If it's all a bit too much for your Scandi-loving selves -- why not add in a terracotta twist in small doses, by adding a couch or chair in the colour first of all?

Chris agreed: "The warm colours are actually really easy to introduce. Because a lot of people at the moment are doing that base of all white and grey, you can easily then add in the terracotta  -- as little or as much as you like. They go well together."

After that, said Chris, if you wanted to go crazy, you could add more.

"Start to use some of those deeper reds and yellows," he suggested. They both work quite well against the white and grey pallet. So you can ease into it that way.

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