These Marie Kondo-Style Storage Ideas Will Spark Joy In Your Home

Organising your life is one thing, keeping it organised is another. You need help, my friend...

If you've done the Marie Kondo thing -- and let's face it, most of us actually have now, it's such a phenomenon -- then first of all, congratulations.  Secondly, how are you finding it?

Do you wish your chest of drawers looked like this?

But instead find it looks like this?

You're not alone.

You see, ever since Tidying Up With Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix, and organising guru Marie Kondo inspired even more people to focus on what truly sparks joy in their lives, we've all been trying to keep to the principles -- only keeping items that spark that joy in our lives, tossing out everything else, and then organising the sh** out of what's left.

And that may be the hardest part of the process, keeping things organised once the storm has died down. Amiright?

Which is where these great organising ideas come in... We’ve rounded up a variety of organisers that will be total game-changers for finally getting your home in order and keeping it that way. If you have a home for everything, then you'll never need to spend hours pulling everything out of your wardrobe again.

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Drawer and wardrobe organisers

Drawers and wardrobes  can easily become messy if they’re not organised properly. The KonMari method suggests that we organise our belongings with boxes, which helps categorise and separate items so they’re easier to navigate. Good to note, it also helps if you use the folding technique Marie Kondo recommends.

Skubb box with compartments, $9.99, IKEA

Sorbus set of 4 foldable drawer dividers, $14.49, Amazon 

Hoft drawer dividers, $4.99 for 3, IKEA

Your shelves

Just because you can close the door on it, a cupboard with shelves shouldn't be messy. In fact, if you put all your "stuff" in to boxes -- think towels, bedlinen, toys, cleaning products etc -- imagine how much easier your life is when you come to need it. "Want a fresh towel? Certainly, here's one from my well-organised cupboard." Sounds good, doesn't it.

These baskets and storage options can help you keep your cupboards and shelves neat and stress-free.

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Knipsa woven basket,  $24.99, IKEA

Gabbig baskets, $19.99, IKEA

Two pack storage cube, $7, Kmart

Your kitchen

Want to make something delicious but can't for the life of you remember were those spices are? Desperate for a can of tomatoes but unsure where you put them? Get your kitchen chaos in order with these organisers. Use dividers to sort through your kitchen drawers, a rack to finally get all those half open jars of spices in order, and a can rack for any kind of can or jar.

Then sit back and order Uber Eats. Just kidding.

Simplehouse can organiser, $21.97, Amazon

Variera utensil tray, $14.99, IKEA

17 piece spice jar set, $15, Kmart


Okay so if you're still getting paper bills sent to you -- and you know you can't opt to get them emailed, right?  -- to help you declutter,  Marie Kondo suggests you take all your mail out of the envelopes, so you can easily see dates, amounts and senders. Use these sorters to organize any important documents or letters. And of course, put them in a cupboard if you want to avoid being reminded of your debt.

Creations plastic store'n'order literature storage, $82, Officeworks

Your "stuff"

Look we all have it, a bunch of miscellaneous "stuff" that doesn't spark joy, as such, but is useful, necessary and a pain to keep replacing. So instead of rummaging around in a box for hours to find out you actually have no super glue or sticky tape or matches (sound familiar?), organise it well, put it in a drawer and be constantly amazed at your stocks.

Seville Classics 5-piece bamboo storage box set, $24.99

Feature image: Marie Kondo /Instagram