These Lustworthy London Doors Are Total Decor Inspo

Shut the front door. Then turn around and look at it. And take a photo. Because -- well look at them, right?

Thinking about giving your home a little lift on the outside? Why not take inspo from the experts in the UK and paint your door your favourite colour?

Before we get to just delivering Door Porn here ("Dorn"?) we thought we'd ask our favourite expert, The Living Room DIY guru Barry Du Bois, what doors mean, and how to use them to express who you are.

"For homeowners, the door is an opportunity to show who they are and who is behind it," he told 10 daily.

In a lot of homes you may want to highlight a front door with something like a bright yellow -- and everyone will be able to see that if you're coming to this house, this is where you knock, this is where you're welcome. A nice light bright colour draws you in."

"Then someone may have a beautiful garden leading up to the house and you may want to make a focal point of what is framing the door -- so you may go to a dark colour which highlights the greenery that you've got either side of it," Baz continued.

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Basically, according to Baz, your front door is the first opportunity to express what you're about to experience when you walk into a home.

"A stark white door is going to show you're a minimalist, a dark door is going to show someone masculine is ruling that domain, while a bright yellow door is going to say there's plenty of fun, come inside!"

There is no rule for it. Like any space in the house it's just about understanding the relationship that part of the house is going to have with the humans that are going to interact with it."

And how to make your painted door look good? Follow Baz's simple rule and "treat it to the utmost craftsmanship."

"It's a place where people who don't know you are going to stand and stare, so the quality of workmanship is super important," he told 10 daily.

Baz's tips for a perfectly painted door
  • Sand the door right back to remove the existing paint and give it a new life.
  • Once you've taken it back to its natural state, nourish it with a primer.
  • Give it a few coats of paint and sand it again, then paint it again.

Okay, and now on to the "dorn". Enjoy. It's totally suitable for work.

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Feature image: Instagram.