Zoë Foster-Blake Shows Off Her Gorgeous Bathroom Makeover

Taking to Instagram to show off her bathroom, the author of new book 'Love' has the loo of our dreams.

Zoë Foster-Blake showed off her newly renovated bathroom on Instagram, and as you can see from the photos, it's a triumph in a kind of apricot pink -- her signature colour given that she uses it on all her Go To skincare products.

Zoë, husband Hamish Blake and their two children have been living in the Richmond, Melbourne home since returning from a three month visit to the US they titled #blakemewithyou, and an obviously houseproud Zoë was delighted to share the gorgeous snaps on social media.

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Foster Blake says she wants to spend "four zillion" hours in the bathroom, and her fans agreed, calling it "a peach dream", "stunning" and "the inside of a go-to Face Hero bottle if you were going to Barbara Eden ‘I dream of Jeanie’ style take up residence in one."

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Instagram/Zoe Foster Blake

"When can we move in?" asked one fan.

Instagram/Zoe Foster Blake
Instagram/Zoe Foster Blake

The builders, Loc Build from Melbourne also showcased the room on their Instagram, without revealing just who would be showering there.

Total bathroom goals.

Feature image: Instagram/Zoë Foster Blake