The Surprising Reno Tips Nat Bass Learnt On 'Changing Rooms'

It's not just the audience who learns from the experts on 'Changing Rooms', even the host picked up some great tips.

For Natalie Bassingthwaighte, renovation isn't just something she talks about as the host of Changing Rooms. She has lived and breathed renos for two recent homes and has always had an interest in interior design.

"I’ve gone out and chosen the tiles, the floorboard, the wall colour -- I do what the designers do and make my vision board and get a little carpet sample and I love that," she told 10 daily.

"More often than not I’ve come up with the plan of exactly how we want it to look -- we haven't employed someone to choose all the things we want, that is what I love doing so I would hate someone else to do that."

Regardless of her own experiences, Nat told 10 daily she has been surprised by the tips she has picked up from the experts on the show.

You can do it rather inexpensively that is the best tip they’ve taught me and everyone, you don’t have to spend a lot. There are so many places like Kmart and Target where you can get amazing pieces."

"I've just been blown away getting the tips from the designers -– for example, when they’re renovating bathrooms and they’ve got a small budget they’re like, you don’t have to knock down the tiles, they’re like, you can tile over the tiles… I’m like what do you mean?!" she laughed.

"And you can put floorboards over slate -- that will save you so much money. There are all these little shortcuts they’re teaching us that everyone from the show went home and went ‘I’m going to do that! I’m going to DIY that…”

"You don’t have to rip out your entire kitchen to get a new kitchen either, you can just do handles or take the bench top off -- you can really make it look amazing without going 'okay let’s spend 40 grand, or 20 grand or, you know, 100 grand on a new one!'. You don’t need to -- if you just want to give it a spruce and make it feel different".

Nat and her husband Cam took some pretty big chances when it came to renovating their first home.

"We have done some pretty crazy things," she laughed. "In our first house, a little 11-metre frontage Victorian Terrace, we went upstairs and we just put a big glass panel in by chopping out a complete wall and it became a window."

"But with our house we live in now, where we’ve been for seven years, we just took down a wall in one of the bedrooms and made it into a big open dressing room, and we also renovated the bathroom. We then completely redid our lounge room in that that we coloured two walls a dark charcoal grey colour -- which was recommended to me, I can’t take credit for that idea! It creates this really moody space by only doing two walls and the TV is on one of the walls, which blends in."

Her tips for making sure you get what you want when it comes to your home are simple. Research, research and more research.

"If it’s for your home, it's your personality it’s no one else’s personality so I think you need to know what that looks like. Get magazines and get on Pinterest and just know your flavours. If that means you end up still needing someone else to help you put it together, really know what you want the space to feel like, how you want to live in it -- you have to be practical and functional as well. Just get as much information as you can."

Changing Rooms airs 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday on 10 and 10 play