This Cheap Kmart Tea Towel Hack Will Change Your Life

Thought a tea towel's only use was in the kitchen? Think again, because one woman has shown how to makeover her entire bedroom.

There are hacks, and then there are Kmart hacks. And, we're pretty sure this is one of the most inventive ones you'll ever see.

In a photo posted to the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Facebook page, user Sue Lynch decided to share her frugal method of revamping her tired old bedroom -- using tea towels.

Instead of buying a brand new bedding set, Lynch got creative and tookadvantage of Kmart's latest floral design tea towels.

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In a description accompanying the photograph, Lynch wrote: "Surprising what 5 x $3 teatowels can do for a bedroom makeover! Next... recovinging (sic) my bedside lamps and adding a tea towel to a wall canvas!"

Her ingenious hack was applauded by members of the page, with many calling Lynch "so very clever".

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But a bedroom makeover isn't the only thing people have used the tea towels for, with another inventive Kmart lover, Rhonda Williams, sharing a photo of her newly upholstered chairs.

The newly upholstered chairs. Source: Supplied

The tea towel used by Lynch is Kmart's 'Native Tea Towel' and costs just $3.

Feature Image: Supplied