5 Rules To Follow To Get The Home Of Your Dreams (On The Cheap)

'Changing Rooms' expert Chris Carroll gives the lowdown on the best design tips you can get. No charge.

Wondering how to decorate your home can be a full time job, right? After all, you can go as big or as small as you want, but how do you know what THAT is? What should you spend? Where do you splurge? When do you stop? It's all so confusing.

Chris Carroll is a design expert and interior designer with some great ideas for how to make over your home  -- and his ‘skimp meets splurge' mentality means you don't have to spend up big to change things up.

"I  kind of have a philosophy that I apply when I'm designing rooms," he told 10 daily. "And from that I can get about five rules you should work with."

We're all ears.

Invest money in the larger pieces of furniture

The rule here is don't got cheap on mattresses, sofas, anything that will give comfort. Anything your butt is going to touch invest money in. My investment pieces are always those base pieces.

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Then you can skimp on pieces of decor

"So the decorative layer that goes on top of those investment pieces, are always cheap and cheerful," said Chris. "Don't spend lots of money on those bits and pieces, like throws and cushions and candles -- because I like to change those pieces up each season.  They are the pieces you will take away and replace."

Make sure showcase your own keepsakes and memories

"That's something a lot of people don't do, they don't know how to do it properly so everything looks brand new and like a showroom or a retail store -- they don't anything that shows family photos or travel mementos or stuff they've picked up overseas or stuff their kids have made them... this is all stuff that can work in  a space, but it's just shoved into a cupboard somewhere," said Chris. "That's how I decorate my rooms."

Add these pieces in and the room is instantly more welcoming.

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Never go to the same store to buy everything

"Don't do a package deal! It makes your house seem like a showroom and you don't want to look like a retail store," warned Chris. "It's nice to have your home look beautiful with new things in it but you need to have a story and some depth and different layers.

Shop at a variety of stores and also shop locally too -- second hand, trinkets from the markets, Etsy, these are the pieces that are handmade and different and they have heart and soul to them. Don't just buy everything online or in the chain stores."

Make sure there is some fun in the space as well

"I like to inject something silly or a bit of whimsy, something a bit random in the room, to make a talking point," Chris told 10 daily. "A piece of art or an ornament, they are pieces that make your home unique."

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