All The Inspo You Need To Dress Up A Small Balcony Whatever Your Taste

From minimalist to bursting at the seams, even the tiniest balcony can be a great extra space if you decorate it just right...

Small balcony? It can still make a big impact. Whether your tastes are plain or OTT, you can use the outdoor far space better than just a couple of plants and a table.

According to Barry Dubois, Network 10 resident DIY guru and star of The Living Room, how you dress up your balcony depends on how you use it.  The first rule is that you need to understand the relationship you will have to the space.  "There is no one size fits all," Baz told 10 daily. "There is a small balcony for a retired couple, for a bachelor or bachelorette, for a shared home... and you're going to want to make the most of the space for each."

For a shared house, for example, chances are, said Baz, that you'll use it as a place to meet and perhaps have a couple of wines after work or on the weekend. So you need to make it welcoming.

"The biggest mistake people make is place their service items -- the BBQ or their furniture -- on the back wall, or the side wall, so when you walk in you see the back of the person you're meeting," he said. "We need to orientate it so the balcony and the backdrop of that balcony is a focal point. Position the furniture so that when someone walks in to the space, their focal point is your face. You can then welcome them."

"Then, if you're going to have a wine there, occasionally cook up a snag, why not have a small herb garden?" he continued. "And think about seating. If you have three people there most of the time, but sometimes have like, eight people, have two small tables  -- one in the kitchenette area, one on the balcony, that can come together when they're needed."

It's all about enhancing who you are and expressing your personality to your guests as soon as they come in."

Then you should also think about the interaction between your outdoor space and the space just inside -- Baz suggested you place the furniture inside the door extrovertly (facing out), and the balcony furniture introvertly (facing in), to create a bigger area. An ottoman or a hanging chair just inside the door can also easily bridge the gap between the two.

"Another great way to enhance or make the most of a small balcony is to frame the balcony from inside and control how we get to that point, to make people feel welcome to go forward," said Baz. "You can position furniture and large scale plants in a small space to frame the outdoor space. What that does is force your eye need to refocus, and that makes your brain feel it's bigger than it is.

Need more inspo? We've scoured Instagram for the ideas you need, whatever you want to achieve.

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