'Changing Rooms' Experts Reveal The Statement Pieces You Can Use To Transform Any Room

Make your place feel like new with the statement pieces the 'Changing Rooms' experts swear by.

Tired drab room getting you down? Want to change things up but can't afford to redecorate? Take these tips from three of the fabulous team at Changing Rooms and you can bring a luxe look to anywhere. All it takes is just one statement piece...

Jane Thomson

"I have to go big here," said interior designer and stylist Thomson. "It's kind of, go big or go home. If you've got a tired room,  it may be time to get a big table in there. There are some great bargains on places like Gumtree and Ebay, especially Gumtree -- I've seen beautiful tables that would normally sell for $5000 going for about $300. You can put that in a room, dress it with some pieces from Kmart and that will look absolutely stunning and then put a big centerpiece in the middle." 

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Not a table kinda person or don't have the room for something quite so grand?

"Just buy a beautiful chair that you really resonates with you --there is nothing more beautiful than a chair in the corner," she said. "Corners of rooms are usually left, no one thinks about dressing them up, but put something there that draws the eye to the corner of the room."

A beautiful chair, maybe a reading lamp, a standard lamp or a floor lamp. You can create this beautiful little vignette in the corner of a room."
Naomi Findlay

"Look, for me, in a bedroom it would be a headboard, without a doubt," design and renovation expert Findlay told 10 daily.

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In a living space it would usually be art or an armchair, definitely. In a dining space, it'd more probably be a pendant. I love a big statement pendant, I think it sets the tone."

In an outdoor space, she said, it's all about the unexpected. "One of the things I've loved using a lot lately is rugs as a statement piece because no one ever expects them," she said. "It's not only a beautiful statement piece, but it's that surprise element-- oh my god there's a rug out here! It completely connects the inside and outside. It totally blurs that border between the two."

Tim Leveson

For interior designer Leveson, there are a couple of things he says he likes to add to a room to make a statement.

"An oversized mirror in a lounge room is always beautiful, above a sofa or something," he told 10 daily. "I think mirrors make a real statement because they really open spaces up."

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The second thing Tim recommends is light fittings -- the bigger, the better. "I love big pendants, oversized and almost too big for the space -- they can always really make a statement," he said.

Next, he suggests something simple. Have you thought about re-covering your sofa?

"People will go and spend $6000 on a sofa. I got my sofa recovered for $1900. That's a really simple thing to do that makes a bit of a statement."

Finally, it's the easiest of all. "Good scatter cushions. They always change a space."

Feature image: Apartment Therapy/Anthropologie/Instagram